The Follyology Fairies 

In 2010 Judith stumbled across a secret garden a quiet space, untouched for many years. Despite being derelict and over grown it was truly enchanting. During the next two years whilst experiencing blisters, heart ache and pure inspiration the space was transformed into the beautiful Hoppers Yard of today.

A further eight years were spent creating and running the Folly Tearoom baking cakes, blending teas and launching them to the public in The Tea Caddy. For some this would have been enough... but oh no...!

The doors to our Follyology world were opened wide in 2019. The ethos is “something different”...

A shop with a heartbeat.

Each range of items has been chosen with its narrative in mind. We make it our mission to find out about the creators and the reasons behind their creations from the china of Rachel Pedder and Yvonne Ellen, the cushions, scarves and jewellery of Diana Wilson to the clothing Eva I Walla, Privatsachen and Mama B amongst others to name but a few.

Every item is timeless and ageless allowing for the individual to create their own style in both interiors and personal fashion. We are passionate about what we sell, it is different, individual, quirky and just magical.

Our inspiration and awareness of the natural world around us is paramount when sourcing the goods and clothing we sell in Follyology.

Natural organic cottons and silks, sustainable fabrics, ethical manufacturing environments and local artisans provide the motive for our choices. We care for our customers, the environment and our suppliers.

Where at all possible we sell items that are made by individuals for individuals.

Visit us to experience the Follyology magic for yourself. With love, Judith, Sue and Caroline.