It's a new dawn

Our Story

We are passionate about what we sell, it is different, individual, quirky and just magical.

Our inspiration and awareness of the natural world around us is paramount when sourcing the goods and clothing we sell in Follyology. Natural organic cottons and silks, sustainable fabrics, ethical manufacturing environments and local artisans provide the motive for our choices.

We care for our customers, the environment and our suppliers. Where at all possible we sell items that are made by individuals for individuals.

Visit us to experience the Follyology magic for yourself.

Proud to be part of Holt!

The Community & Us

The space we share in Hoppers Yard is so magical and inspires us and others.

During the summer of 2020 it became home for a community stall organised by Sandy, an amazing talented lady. 

The proceeds were shared amongst local charities.This year we hope to continue and to extend this by opening our space up to the "Holt Community Project" allowing young people to participate in creative workshops under Sandys expert guidance.

We feel humbled and fortunate to be able to offer something to those around us in Holt.

Thank you Sandy and her band of wonderful ladies.

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